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TMC Vocabulary


Compiled by Chris Halliwell, TMC Director


As the most conservative and isolated individuals or organizations, Laggards are the last 15% of the Community to embrace an innovation. Laggards possess few technical resources and do not allocate resources to change of any sort. They value and protect the past, feeling no pressure to attribute value to technology for its own sake. Laggards inspire suppliers to cloak technology in familiarity to the point of making it completely transparent, virtually risk-free and demanding no purchase or use cost premium of any kind.

Late Majority

These are the much more skeptical adopters making up about 30% of the Community. The Late Majority possess scant resources to integrate technology, and do so only when it is more costly and competitively dangerous to ignore innovation that it is to adopt. Late Majority adopters are highly susceptible to peer pressure, particularly from adopters with identical characteristics (like application requirements, cost basis, etc.) Because of this drive to mimic narrowly defined peer groups, the Late Majority market tends to be fragmented.

Market Leader

The Market Leaders articulate vocabulary, vision, and standards of performance among suppliers for a technology category. Market Leaders take responsibility for defining the category and growing the market, to the benefit of all suppliers and related ecosystem partners in the category. Dominant market share is the hallmark of a Market Leader, although not all market share leaders are willing or able to take on the role of Market Leader. Mainstream customers will not adopt new technology until a Market Leader emerges because leadership solidifies the technology roadmap and thereby lowers the risk of both third party participation and customer purchase.