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TMC Vocabulary

Compiled by Chris Halliwell, TMC Director

Generic Product:

Generic Product elements that deliver the inherent value of the technology category upon which your products or services are based. Technology category benefits are expressed as measures of price/performance value versus alternative methods and technologies. As the technology category matures, benchmarks for Generic Product price/performance measures advance, forcing continuous investment in the core technology. However large these continuous investments by suppliers may be, Generic Product elements are just "table stakes" to be considered a viable supplier in the category.

Guerrilla Strategy

Guerrilla Strategy is appropriate for competitors with small relative share in a market dominated by larger share owners. The key to success with Guerrilla Strategy is the discipline to focus on customer or segment targets that are high growth, but small enough to defend. All effective guerrilla marketing and sales tactics are stealth - non public - even after dominant share has been taken in the target market. The best Guerrilla Strategy competitors cede ground when confronted with an all out attack from the dominant players, conserving resources to return as larger players lose their focus.


Innovators represent those 1-3% of individuals or organizations in a Community who are the most venturesome, and are first to try an innovation or new technology. This all-encompassing interest in new ideas actually isolates Innovators from peer networks. While Innovators are a tight clique among themselves, they do not communicate frequently with other, later adopters, in the Community. Innovators are rash, technically savvy risk-takers more than astute business people, enthusiastic about technical innovation simply for its own sake.