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TMC Vocabulary


Compiled by Chris Halliwell, TMC Director


The Chasm refers to stark differences in buying behavior, reference sources, access to technical resources, and willingness to take on perceived risk between Early Adopter customers and those in the mainstream, or Early Majority, group of customers. Distinctly different Positioning messages and solutions must be assembled for customers on either side of this divide - differences in solution elements include integration and channel support, technical advice, compliance to standards, delivery and quality performance, and overall packaging of a complete product offering.


The reason innovations take off, the reason there is a "tipping point", is attributed to the power of Opinion Leader influence among a network of connected members of a Community. Networks of Opinion Leaders and their peers are social systems providing trusted, credible learning and shared experience that fosters technology adoption - the tighter the bonds between members of a Community, the faster the rate of adoption. For mainstream customers the only credible source of new technology information is another Community member.

Defensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy is a competitive option available to the Market Leader, the player with the largest share in a particular market. Key strategy elements include the willingness to push Generic Product technology advances into the market, even at the peril of cannibalization of current solution sales, in order to maintain share incumbency. Another hallmark of Defensive Strategy is the discipline to be, at one and the same time, vigilant and aggressive in competitive pursuit, but unwilling to name a competitor in any public setting, thereby granting legitimacy to the competitor.