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How to Differentiate Start-up Technology in Europe


By Andrew Lloyd & Jacque Noels

Arnold AldermanSituation
Located in France, the Company is a venture-backed start-up designing and manufacturing bi-stable, or so called zero power, liquid crystal displays. Bi-stable means that the display can retain an image without power. Zero power LCD technologies are used in a range of e-paper applications which mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. E-paper technologies compete based on the limitations of computer monitor display technology. For example, the backlighting of monitors is hard on the human eye, whereas electronic paper reflects light just like normal paper, and is easier to read at an angle than flat screen monitors. It is lightweight, durable, and highly flexible compared to other display technologies, though it is not as flexible as paper.

Unit and Revenue Forecast for Bi-Stable Displays, 2007-2012
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