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How to Balance Standards & Innovation


By Michail Tsatsanis

Our Company addressed the standardization challenge with a two pronged strategy. First, we implemented our key differentiating technology (an interference mitigation technology called MIMO that dramatically increases the data carrying capacity of telecommunication transmission, in this case, over copper lines) on the receiver part of the transceiver system. In that way, no special coordination with the transmitter part of the communication link was needed and the system could be made to interoperate with other third party systems. In other words, the Company limited its exposure to standardization requirements by implementing its differentiating technology in parts of the design not affected by the standards.



Second, we based our product design on a well accepted industry standard which required only small modifications to support the application we were targeting. Even so, a detailed plan of action was executed to assure that the required modifications were accepted by the industry standards committee as part of the final standards recommendation.