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How to Balance Standards & Innovation


By Michail Tsatsanis

Michail TsatsanisSituation
Our startup Company was in the process of developing innovative data transport equipment with significantly higher performance and data speed compared to other existing solutions. The equipment provided a solution to the "last mile problem" of connecting offices and businesses to the internet, and the intended customers were communications service providers. For high speed networks it is preferable if those connections consist of fiber links, however, there is a large installed base of copper telephone wire connections. The Company's innovative product provided a high speed data transport system using existing copper telephone wires and helped providers delay the capital equipment investments associated with street trenching for fiber deployments.


More so than any other industry, standards compliance is paramount in telecom where devices have to interoperate with a host of other devices in the network. The Company was facing the challenge of implementing its innovative technology in coordination with successful standardization of its key elements.