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TMC In-Company Executive Education Courses
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Chris Halliwell

Strategic Marketing of Technology Products Over 3500 high tech managers worldwide have participated in Chris Halliwell’s course, part of the Caltech executive education program for 17 years.  Based on her experience working with clients such as Analog Devices, Corning, and Siemens, the course provides tools for segment mapping and whole product strategy to take market share.

Tim Smith

Strategic Pricing of Technology Products Based on his best-selling Pricing Strategy book, Tim J. Smith puts his PhD in physical chemistry and his math background to good use as he brings rigor to economic value analysis, price-benefit mapping, price structures, and discounting. The course provides models and actionable insight for revolutionary and evolutionary products.

Ed McQuarrie Market Research for Technology Products Professor Ed McQuarrie, Customer Visits author, and father of modern high tech interest in voice of the customer research, gives technology professionals the complete toolkit they need to generate meaningful quantitative and qualitative insight into the problems and preferences of their target customers.
Jay Paap

Competitive Intelligence Dr. Jay Paap leads innovation management and competitive intelligence executive programs sponsored by MIT, PDMA, Business Week, and many other organizations.  This course delivers methods and tools to evaluate competitor capabilities, use competitive insight to sense market shifts, and synthesize competitive data to anticipate their actions.

Patty Burke

Communicating the Value of Technology Patty Burke brings experience as VP Marketing at a number of Silicon Valley companies and her current focus on marketing in corporate venturing as a Bell Mason Group Partner.  This course provides proven tools for crafting value proposition messages, executing influence marketing, and sustaining a competitive marketing campaign.