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TMC Case Study Guidelines

Case study title and editing:  Case studies will be grouped under one of the following three general topic areas:  New Technology Adoption, Solution Strategy Development (includes cases on customer visit research), Competitive Strategy.  Please select an initial title for your case that begins with the phrase “How to,” and references some key strategic marketing concept related to one of these topic areas. After you submit your case study you will be contacted by the TMC Director to discuss final title selection and editing changes as appropriate. 

Style:  Cases should be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages in length.  The TMC will format your case to be consistent with site font choices, etc.  Be aware that you are using, and writing about, specific sub-headings of case sections as described below.  Also, cases are much more interesting if you embed a few graphics that show how concepts were applied, and these should be sanitized or generalized to protect the confidentiality of the company and it’s proprietary information. 

Tone:  The intent of the case study is for you to relate how you used strategic marketing and cross-functional team tools to successfully address market development and market leadership challenges in a particular situation, such as: a market growth opportunity, a competitive challenge, a product or market prioritization task.  Your tone of writing should be personal memoir rather than textbook.  Write in first person (“I”, “we”), past tense.