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TMC Audio Archive

Technology Marketing in the Age of Google

A Panel Discussion Moderated by Chris Halliwell, TMC Director, with:

Robert RoseRobert Rose, Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute

"Much of the buying decision is made before sales engagement.  Marketing must create content that adds value to customers, not just talk about product value."

Geoff AndersonGeoff Anderson, Product Marketing Executive, Agilent Technologies

"Sales doesn’t control the funnel of purchase information anymore, and if marketing pushes content too hard towards lead generation, it can backfire!"

Rob DeRobertisRob DeRobertis, Marketing & Communications Executive, Vicor Corporation

"Good content is educational, teaching your customer how to solve a problem, it has to be as honest and as timeless as possible, and it has to be easy to find."

Judith UttalJudith Uttal, Product Marketing Executive, Guidance Software

"Marketing programs leverage content over time, from a drumbeat of trusted curation, to riding a trend wave, to a 'how to' series with a strategic partner."

Summary: The panel discusses practical tips for product marketing, corporate marketing, and sales enablement given that over 70% of all business-to-business purchase decisions start with a Google search.